The most pathetic post.

Hi. Ini ialah... the last day of Ramadhan. How fast time flies.

Ah. Back to the title. Actually I dah lama nak post new entry. Since ages guys. Ages. Tapi when i look at the newest setting of everything in , the thought faded away. Funny kan?

I rasa my bathroom memang diciptakan as a place for me to look for the ideas. Motivation of everything. But once i step out of the bathroom.. zapsss! Macam magic, lesap gitu je.

Recently Ive been through loads of things in my life. Which is I rasa I nak leave behind and start all over. Im at my happiest level now. I have a promising career, a good study, no bestfriends, a super caring man who always look after me and most important thing, I still have my ibuayah with me. All d' time galz.

Its 0303. My ibu's alarm is ringing. What a noisy sound. 😣
Gotta headover to The Dreamland. Loads of stuff to do tomorrow. See ya. xx